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Thread: Protege5 Stall At Speed

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    Protege5 Stall At Speed

    Hi guys,

    I experienced a pretty weird scenario with my P5 this evening. It's a 2003 P5 auto with 125k miles. I'm not new to troubleshooting cars, but this really has me in the dark. The car has no modifications other than a pair of Hella horns (which are wired up properly with a fuse and relay.)

    Here's what happened:

    - I accelerated onto an onramp to 70mph, and merged over two lanes.
    - The car "jerked" and the torque converter unlocked (I think?), making the engine sound like it downshifted to about 3500 rpms.
    - I looked down at the dash and all of the lights were on, the car had no ignition.
    - The transmission was still in gear and the motor was spinning, but had zero throttle response and was deaccelerating.

    I pulled off to the side of the road and checked transmission fluid and oil, which were normal. Temperature was normal. Everything looked fine. I was on my way to school for a final exam, so I started it back up and drove it to school and back home.

    I've looked over the car a little more and everything looks great. There's no check-engine light and I scanned it for codes - got nothing back. What gives? The only thing I can think of would be a bad ignition switch. Unfortunately I haven't had any issues with it starting or cranking previously. I want to see if anyone has any ideas before I load the parts cannon and start guessing. Thanks!

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    The ignition switch sounds like it could be the culprit.

    You could try testing your switch by probing your switch while wiggling your key around to see if any contact is lost.

    There is a few little switches inside the ignition switch and your "start" may still be working but your "run" switch may be wearing out.

    They're not too expensive (~$30 US) and more than a few people here on the forum have had to replace it.

    The Diagram Dude

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