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Thread: Curious question about the FS-DE from 626/Probe

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    Curious question about the FS-DE from 626/Probe

    So after my blue Protege5 was rear ended, I wound up buying a silver one... long story short, the guy who sold it to wasnt exactly honest about the condition of the motor. Head was warped, blown head gasket and the bottom end was completely shot (found this out after replacing the head on the damn thing!). Every test performed on the motor outside of wet compression test pointed to bad valve stem seals initially... but yeah, Im left with a Protege that eats 3 quarts of oil every 2 days aaaaaand needs a new bottom end!

    Anywho, Ive read/heard from quite a few people that the FSDE bottom end is compatible across the board. Been trying to find a remanufactured bottom end for a few weeks now. Ran across this on ebay... will this work with my 2003 P5?
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    Itís an FS but is it the DE or ZE?

    Either will work but the ZE requires a bit more to work proper.
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    There are some differences between those and the 2000+ engines.

    2000+ had a stronger block, piston squirters, forged crank, updated head, and I believe different pistons. These are the engines to look for.

    Earlier engines may not have the casting for a crank sensor, as they were distributor ignition.
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    before you guys give your opinion, would you PLEASE go look at the pics and info posted in the ebay auction i pasted a link to... the photos are very detailed and show ALL angles of the block!
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