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Thread: Hitch ball mount rise for 2014 CX-5?

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    Hitch ball mount rise for 2014 CX-5?

    I installed the Draw-Tite 76138 last weekend, went well. I plan to do the wiring sometime soon, probably going with the Tekonsha “no splice” kit. But as for the ball mount, I’m wondering what most of you folks go with as far as rise on the ball mount? The top of my hitch receiver opening is about 13”, actually maybe a smidge under that. I see on Uhaul’s site, they claim an 18” coupler height for most of their trailers. So that would mean I need a 5” rise. But aren’t most run-of-the-mill utility trailers in the 16” to 17” height? So I’m torn between a 3” vs 5” height. I know... I could go with an adjustable hitch, but not sure I want to go that route. I’m leaning toward a 5” rise, since most likely when towing I’ll have some weight in the back of the vehicle anyway which will lower the hitch a bit too. Anyway, just curious what the going rate seems to be on hitch rise. Thanks.

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    I have a curt ball mount that is a 2" rise/4" drop and wish that it was a bit taller, more like a 4" rise. It works but the front of my little 4x8 trailer does drop a bit when it's installed. Not that big an issue for me as I don't carry much weight but a higher raise ball would be nice.
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