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Thread: Engine rattle/knocking sound

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    Engine rattle/knocking sound

    I have a 2014 TB CX9 with approx 28000kms on it.I have only owned it for a month or so but have noticed upon accelerating from a standstill the engine makes a slight rattle/knocking sound for approx 2 seconds then goes away.Once driving it is smooth and quiet but if I accelerate quickly it makes the sound again then goes away.I have run higher octane fuel in it...95 in Australia our standard is 91 oct ,but this has made no difference.Someone suggested to me a faulty fuel injector and or fuel injector solenoid ?
    Any suggestions...thanks

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    My money's on a bad VVT solenoid or actuator. If the sound is more toward the right (drivers side in Australia) then it's the top front of the engine where they are located.

    Had you owned it from the start you may have noticed the performance was off a bit too. You don't need the VVTs to run but you'd get more out of it. To replace an actuator means pulling the timing chain cover, etc. Big job but you can use my guide (search water pump replacement) if you like and save the coin.

    If not DIY then get ready to pay big bucks.

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