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Thread: 18" tire size recomendation 225/40/18 vs 225/45/18

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    18" tire size recomendation 225/40/18 vs 225/45/18

    Hi guys,
    I'm new to the forum and have tried to search but get pretty confused the more I read. I just picked up a set of 18x8 +45 Motegi wheels for my '07 HB. I know the recomeended +1 size is 225/40/18. I live in Michigan and the roads are not the greatest so I would like as much sidewall height as I can get to protect the rims from potholes. I don't mind going to a 225/45/18. I know the speedometer will be about 2.3mph slow @ 65mph; I can deal with that. Will that size tire fit without rubbing? I'm not adverse to rolling the fenders, if needed, but would rather not.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll post pick when I get them mounted.

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    I would definitely not go to 40-series tires. My OEM 18-inch tires 45-series tires with Eibach springs can be a bit punishing on bad road surfaces. When I bought my Enkei wheels (just a tad over 17 lbs each), the seller contacted Enkei and they verified that my OEM tires would not rub.
    Maybe you can go the same route by asking the seller?
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    I think you should just experiment, try somethings out. I'm currently running 255/35/18 and rides great. Takes some rolling and slight pull (on coilovers and full suspension just about)

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    This thread gives me hope that my newly acquired 225/25/18 on RX8 rims will fit comfortably - even with my eibach pro kit springs.

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