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Thread: CV axle/boot question

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    CV axle/boot question

    So, I noticed a tear in my cv joint boot a while ago, and I had planned on taking it to a buddy's place this past weekend to get it replaced since he has a garage, the proper tools, and lots of experience. Unfortunately, he wasn't available this weekend so I figured that I'd be able to wit until the next. Well... I was wrong. On sunday, I noticed some noice coming form the same front driverside cv axle area and then it started making a grinding noise, but only at low speeds. I drove the car about 10 miles home and haven't drove it since.

    I talked to my friend and he said that I will probably have to replace the whole CV axle so I'm going to get the part and take it to his place and see if it just needs a new boot and grease or if it needs an entire axle. I already have a replacement boot but I need help finding the correct cv axle.

    I picked up a driver side cv axle from the AutoZone near me, but apparently, their system doesn't distinguish the Protege5 model from the regular Protege. I was wondering if they use the same part or if I need to look elsewhere.

    My protege is a 2002 Automatic

    Summary: Does the Protege5 and the regular Protege use the same cv axle on the front driver side?

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    i'd check rockauto fairly cheap, I need to do my passenger side one. I feel like they do, the one difference is between manual and automatic transmission.
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    As mentioned, the drivers side axle is different for the automatic and standard transmission.

    Rockauto is your best bet, they're only about $30 American and you know it's going to be the right part. (I'm not sure if the regular protégé is the same)

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