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Thread: 2010 front end clunking when turning on bumpy roads

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    I finally had a bit of time to work on this. I was armed with new stabilizer links and sway bar bushings.
    Stabilizer links were a piece of cake. Struggled with good access to the sway bar bushings, and ran out of time.
    So far with new stabilizer links, still have the noise.
    Will have to find some time to get to the sway bar bushings again.
    I found that I could get to the passenger side one from above with a 3' ratchet extension.
    As for the driver side, I'm open to suggestions.

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    Tried again on the swaybar bushings, and working on my back and blindly I gave up.
    Took the car for new tires, and get a call from the garage, saying "hey, your lower control arms are shot!"
    Today its going to the shop for the arms and bushings.
    Will report back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hibern8r View Post
    been hearing a clunk when I back into my driveway with the wheels turned. Dealership said my outer tie rod has play, but my paperwork says lower control arm. So I guess I'll be doing some front end work when it gets warmer. I guess my Rotiforms will have to wait to go on.
    For me its the ball joint on the right side. I had the car up last weekend and that joint has so much play I dont feel to safe driving it like that. Replacing both sides when they get here Monday. Im also looking to do the tie rod ends and rear trailing arm bushing.

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