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Thread: Vibration noise through dashboard source?

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    Vibration noise through dashboard source?

    I notice a vibration noise through the driver's side dashboard at low RPMs. What are the first places I should look for the cause?


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    no first places. just start touching stuff until you can change the noise. Mine used to do something similar but it was at about 2000RPM and drove me crazy so i kicked the dash real hard with my knee a couple times and it hasn't done it since. That was about 2 years ago lol. Whatever was resting/rubbing/vibrating i must have moved just enough to reorient it so it stopped.

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    That stuff drives me absolutely insane. lol. You may want to make sure your motor mounts are good, because if they are shot, the engine vibrations can come through the cabin.

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    People have been complaining about squeaks and rattles from our car since I joined this forum.
    Every car is different and squeaks in its own special way.

    I'm lucky in that it doesn't really bother me,.. I can just ignore it.
    The Diagram Dude

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