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Thread: Doors locked with car running

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    Doors locked with car running

    2014 Mazda6 GS.

    Every morning I start my car, run back in the house to get stuff, go back to the car and drive away...this morning was not that smooth.

    This morning I unlocked the doors with the key fob in my pocket, started the car (driver door left open), got out, closed the driver door. When I went back to the car, the driver door was were all other doors. The key fob buttons did nothing. The unlock button on the driver and passenger door did nothing (as they should if I were actually driving). I panicked a bit, the car was running and I was locked out!

    Fortunately the trunk release above the license plate still worked. My 4 year old was very excited to push the seat-back down, crawl through the car and pull the driver-side door handle so I could get in!

    Anyone else had this happen? I hope it doesn't happen again, I do not want to crawl through the back seat myself!

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    Why not just open the door with the key?

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    If you have the key fob, simply remove the physical key that sits inside by pressing the release button and unlock the driver door. I got locked out of my 2017 CX-5 with the key fob INSIDE the car and the engine running. It happened at the local car wash. My wife came to rescue me with the other key, but does anyone know how to get out of this type of predicament??

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    It's most likely just battery in the key fob is dead, simply replace and everything should work normally again. I've had the batteries die on me within 8 months before.

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    Interesting, my 2014 Touring does not have an exterior trunk release button.

    Regardless, my wife and I managed to leave both key fobs in the car one day at the store. She locked the doors via the door switch and we got out, then promptly realized both fobs were inside the car. Fortunately AAA had somebody there in 30 minutes to jimmy the car unlocked.

    Scary how easy it was honestly...

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    Weird, I can't lock my 2015 keys in the car, the car detects them inside with engine off and the driver door won't lock.

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