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Thread: '18 CX-9 and Fortin Remote Car Starter.... Success!

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    Thank you all so much!

    Quote Originally Posted by beaustir View Post
    Okay, I created an account to say thanks specifically to eplur, you're the best and everyone else danced around it, you made step by step instructions leaving nothing out! It was awesome and super easy to do. I'm almost mad at my past self for being slightly afraid of the complexity of it. The only thing that my brain was stuck on was the part that says "The 3 lights will start flashing one at a time different color. Let go of the button only when there is only 1 blue light." I thought it would stay on the blue light, like a dummy, I didn't know that it would keep cycling, so I just sat there waiting and waiting for it to stop on Blue, when all I had to do was just time it and release when there was only a blue light, hahaha.
    It really only did take 45 minutes and if I did it again, would probably only take 20 minutes, maximum.
    I got my parts at these prices:
    Evo-One $88.80 - Amazon
    THAR-ONE-MAZ3 T-Harness $55.95 -Ebay
    FlashLink 4 $39.99 -Ebay
    Total: $185

    Thanks again everyone for the help in this thread and I did need to reset my windows by holding up on them for over a second each one to re-enable the auto window ability.

    The only question that I would have is has anyone done the hood pin switch? How did you wire it to the hood and keep it hidden?

    Just came to add that I followed these instructions for a 2015 Mazda CX-5 Automatic and it worked beautifully. I went with the FLU-100.2 on Amazon, along with the Evo-One and Thar-One-Maz3 THarness.

    I have 0 experience with cars, but was able to do this. You'll need a phillips head screwdriver and a 10mm socket to get your cable off your battery. Other than that, I was dumb: Don't forget to put your seat back, pull your steeling wheel out, and up as far as it can go. It'll give you a lot more room to work!
    Btw, in the instructions when they refer to 'The App', they're talking about the Updater app the entire time.

    Thanks again everyone!!!

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    I just did this install as well. This deserves to be in the How-to section.

    The step by step worked beautifully. The only issue I ran into was that after going through the decryptor process, my module settings changed back to default, and the remote start wouldn't work. Connected back to the flashlink updater and reapplied the correct settings and it worked perfectly after that. I also took way too long trying to figure out how to tie up all the loose cables and where to mount the EvoOne module.

    The only non-plug and play connection (which I did not attempt to do) is connecting the remote starter to the car lights. When remote starting the car the exterior lights don't turn on, so there is no way to visually confirm from a distance that the car as started successfully (during the day at least, still have to test at night).

    Also, the Evo One has a turbo mode that lets the engine runs after turning off the ignition to cool off the turbo (like they used to have on modified turbo cars). Not sure this works on the CX-9 or is even necessary but nice to know its there and I could turn it on if I ever wanted to.

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    Just finished my install (including headlight/parking light wiring). Worked perfectly.

    Now to add dronemobile.

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