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Thread: Sway bar endlink recommendations

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    Sway bar endlink recommendations

    Hey all, I just joined the Mazda family a week ago, bought a 2003 Protegé5. It needs rear end links, and I'm not sure if I should just get the Moog ones, or if there's a stronger option, similar to how people use the Escape/Tribute front endlinks. I also am unsure as to which size to get for stock P5 suspension.

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    From what I was told, Moog makes some nice rear endlinks. They're slightly beefier than OEM, if I recall correctly.

    But I gotta tell you that I've been hunting around for tougher/adjustable endlinks and have found nothing. Racingline is (or has been) out of stock and AWR no longer sells any. In that regard, we're SOL.

    However, I'd ask user Jackie Chan ( about his Whiteline Swaybar links. He told me on my build page that you can cut these down to your car's spec, so perhaps he has something you'd be interested in.

    In regards to size:

    The shorter ones (I think 7.5", could be wrong) are on the P5, and the longer ones are on the ES. The P5 endlinks are referred to as "Sport Suspension". If you want to fit a thicker swaybar on your car, such as the racing beat bar, you're going to need the longer ES endlinks.

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    I personally like the Moog end links (although that's not what's on my car),... They're beefier and come with grease nipples so you can keep them lubed.

    Unfortunately,.. Others describe them as overpriced hyped up crap...

    I dunno ??

    You could just build your own !!!
    The Diagram Dude

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