Back in October I started having my CEL come on whenever I would leave my heated garage and drive in approx.-10 degrees celsius, I checked the codes got a list as follows P0455 Evap System ( very) large leak, P0131HOs (b1) low voltage, P2187 System too lean ( bank 1). With the evap code I was led to the gas cap, also a cheap fix. After that I continued to get P2187 on a daily basis with the occasional P0455. after a lot of searching I decided to try the purge solenoid. I checked the dorman site and didn't find a listing for my 5, but found 2 different numbers for the 3 , one was for the turbo car.
I got in touch with them and they said the 2 solenoids have the same size orifice. I decided on the solenoid that came with the hose / tubing attached (N/A car). Dorman # 911-700, Napa # 600-1634, as there would be less connection points for me to worry about, Also WAY cheaper than from the dealer. It took only 5 -10 minutes to install, The tubing had to be routed a little bit differently, also the connector on the end of the tube is a bit different. 3 months and approximately 5000 km later also 40 below weather and no CEL has come on. As a bonus I can now " FULLY " fill the gas tank without having a hard start and rough idle as I leave the gas station. YAaa.