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Thread: Idle issue

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    Idle issue

    I have a 2002 Mazda Protege 5.... with some idle issues and loss of power.... I have a new (reman) engine, ran ok for a bit, but still light on power, after about 1500-2000 miles maybe a bit more...the check engine light came on gave some codes lead to random mis-fire, cat issues, and gas (small little piece on back of engine)...

    I have put in a new lower Cat, and cut out the front cat (header installed),

    Put in new coils, new plugs, two fuel parts, .....all issues fixed except random missfire...P0300

    taken to two shops, one shop seems to have narrowed down stating possible timing issue, but that should be under warranty, however I think the shop that did the engine is closed down, phones disconnected...havent had a chance to go by yet...

    after the header installed and front cat gone, the light has stayed off, although only driven about 6 miles, but still off...last time it was on within 3....

    Any ideas on random mis-fire?


    P1250 Pressure regulator control solenoid valve malfunction - replaced both the control and the regulator

    now the big issue::

    P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

    this is the one that seems to cause the biggest issue....

    Mechanic suggest timing issue, but states that can't be tested with light, has some other machine that measures wave lengths....

    He tested compression and stated that was good, but more or less at a loss unless timing sounds like a good chance???

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    You could get those symptoms if your timing belt has skipped a tooth...
    I thought you had to remove the valve cover to check the timing but I guess the machine could compare the Cam signal to the Crank signal to see if they are in sync.

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    It's easy enough to check the timing by removing the valve cover.

    You can use the timing mark on the crank pulley but they have been know to slip then you'd have to remove the pulley to check the mark on the crank gear (the one shown in the picture).

    The timing mark on the gear may be visible with the pulley still in place,.. I don't recall from when I did my timing belt.
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