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Thread: Adding Bluetooth?

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    Adding Bluetooth?

    Mine is 2013 Sport trim - I thought it had BT - just realized it does not.

    One of Honda didn't have BT - I ended up changing the Radio when it failed - newer Radio came with BT - it works like factory setup.

    What might be a way to do it on this - the radio may not be like the standard easy to replace radio? Add ons?

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    To make bluetooth work the stock stereo unit, is not worth it. You would have to separately buy the bluetooth module and wire it in. The cost and time do so is not worth it, IMO. I just replaced my stereo unit with aftermarket that not only has bluetooth, but sounds a lot better than the OEM unit as well. Just do a search. I am sure this has been discussed before.
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    There are easier ways... It just depends on how greasy you feel like getting. I installed an auxiliary cable to the Media button and plugged it into one of these Bluetooth receivers.

    I used a Female to Female 3.5mm connector to join it to the aux cable to the receiver. Sure I have no steering wheel control, but it works for music and phone calls. Mine's an 06, so if the 13 already has an aux jack, the hard work is done for you.

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    Like Mike did, I also just got an aftermarket adapter. Power plugs into the 12v port, audio plugs into the aux port on my 2014 5 sport. Device works great, I have this:

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    Any solutions to your BT issue? I have a solution in my 2012 Sport, but I'm not really happy with it. It's a Rostra kit, but it doesn't integrate well with the OEM head unit, instead intercepting the signal and playing it only through the front two speakers using a different volume control. I haven't used it in ages, and I mostly use my own adapter box connected to the aux port and a factory momentary switch for audio.

    Over the years I've added a few upgraded OEM parts from higher-spec models, including the head unit with the six-disc changer and a leather-wrapped steering wheel with the Bluetooth controls. I'm wondering if it would be possible to just add the OEM Bluetooth module, assuming there is a connector under the dash. Since I don't have the microphone, this would just be for audio; I'm not a big fan of talking whilst driving, so no big loss, and I assume that I could add the mic later. I'm also assuming that I'd have to get the dealer to flash the firmware, if possible, which might also give me the trip computer functions (I've got the button and the space on the LCD, so I don't know what else could be missing).

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