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Thread: wheel help!

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    wheel help!

    i really want to know the wheel specs on my 03 MP5 like the bolt pattern or what offset would fit well and other stuff because i am at a conmplete lost

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    bolt pattern: 5 x 4.5 or 5 x 114.3
    stock rim size: 16 inches diameter x 7 inch width offset +45mm
    stock tire size: 195-50/16

    Ive been running 17's with an offset of +42mm on my car car with perelli p6 @ 205-50-17 without rubbing, but it should be said the perelli diameter is not as much as many other tires (the 205 50's diameter almost matched a set of bridgestones I was considering that were 205-45)
    the tires/rims that came with my car was 17x7jj off a mazda millenium running 225 45 17 tires with no rubbing on the frame, but, they did end up rubbing against the strut mounts in the rear, this could have been avoided with simple 3mm spacers, I just didnt catch it in time to save the rear tires :/

    ive read people have run 18's on the mp5, with 35 low pro tires, but personally I dont like how it looks on our cars.

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