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Thread: 2014 Mazda 3 Hatchback, Will Not Start with Advanced Key

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    2014 Mazda 3 Hatchback, Will Not Start with Advanced Key

    So I have had this Mazda since last May of '17 and its always worked and started up like a charm. As of a few months ago I began receiving the TPMS icon due to having uneven tire pressures. I thought this was no biggie since the tires were getting close to replacement and it was winter. But yesterday, I began receiving the DSC/TCS (Traction control icon - even tho it was dry out) and the TPMS also started to behave differently as it began to blink and beep on occasion. Naturally I figured the tires were getting worse or maybe I had a flat. I took it into a tire shop and they filled it up all 4 tires to 35 psi (previously 30 psi) then the mechanic showed me how to reset the TPMS icon and set the new psi. However, this is when the real problems began. I could not for the life of me turn on the car at the shop. Only after about 8 - 10 tries were we able to fire up the car. The TPMS alarm along with the DSC went away for a short bit but came right back on.

    So here is my problem and observations:
    When I push in the brake pedal (ALL THE WAY - With the key inside the car) I get NO green key icon that will enable the car to start. When I eventually push the ignition button, the car goes into idle and all the icons appear and air vents begin to work but no engine start. (This eliminates a bad battery) After all the icons disappear, (after a few seconds) the hand BRAKE, TPMS, DSC/TCS icons stay on.
    So I try again -- same thing. Again. Same thing. And the brake is starting to become tighter by then. Sometimes when I press gently on the brake pedal I am able to see the green ignition icon and then I can start the car. Sometimes when I release the hand brake (with my foot on the peddle) I am also to get the green icon. It's very finicky.

    Here's what I have done and know for sure:
    I replaced batteries on both of my FOB keys which has NOT helped. I tried different keys, one at a time, both in the car -- that has also not helped.
    I called the Service Dept at a Mazda dealer and explained to the guy that everything started to occur when the DSC/TCS appeared but he has informed me that the tire sys / traction control are completely different systems than the start up / ignition system.

    Eventually I am able to get the car to start and when it is driving I get no issues (apart from the TPMS and Traction icons.)
    So I don't know. I am pretty baffled here - anybody have any suggestions?

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    Well, you have a Mazda 3 and 5 and 3 of that year are different cars.
    It would probably be best if you posted it in the Mazda 3 forum:
    Car is just 3 years old, dealer cant fix under warranty, or you are out by a few month?

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