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Thread: Mazda 3 2.0 fuel economy

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    Mazda 3 2.0 fuel economy

    Firstly Iím sorry if this has been asked before🙄🙄
    Iím looking at trading in my diesel focus and obviously the Mazda 3 is a VERY. Strong contender.. what with new rules coming out for diesel cars in the uk, itís time to look at petrol.Iím looking at the 2.0 120ps Mazda.i currently do 37 miles each way to work on fast a roads very little stop time from home to point of work.
    From what Iíve read on non Mazda sites some people say that the petrol cars will only manage 44mpg where other are saying they can hit nearly 50mpg in thereís 😳😳 so can any members on here tell me what they are getting as looking on non Mazda forums my heads going to come off😂😂 To be honest I really want a Mazda as the generation of 3 pot small capacity turbo engines put me off because of the mileage I do. I did look at the 2.2 diesel Mazda again that seems to regen a lot more and will use more diesel doing this.
    Any guidance would me greatly appreciated 👍👍

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    I am fairly certain that Consumer Reports magazine achieved 45 MPG on the highway at legal speeds. The Toyota Prius gets over 50 MPG and the Camry hybrid averages about 47 MPG, city and highway.
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