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Thread: how much have you paid to replace rotors?

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    how much have you paid to replace rotors?

    so front rotors and back need replacement, ofcourse that means pads also need replacing.
    dealer is charging $420 for front and $400 for back. which would come out at $850+ with tax and all.
    i know that's crazy expensive and i will 100% look somewhere else, has anybody replaced
    theirs and what did you pay?

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    I paid $600 which included flushing the brake fluid, which I recommend at every brake replacement. Just make sure that whoever does the work:
    1. Does not bleed brakes by pumping the pedal to the floor
    2. Does not use cheap pads,/rotors which may be noisy, destroy the rotor, provide sublevel performance, or all of the aforementioned.
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    Yeah that's pretty steep But make sure the materials used are high quality!

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