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Thread: 16 Years Later, I got one

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcb View Post
    Got To Texas !!!!
    I've heard they are ALL Unicorns in Texas !!!

    There's fricken herds of them !!;!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackie chan View Post
    Cough, cough... easier to keep LOOKING clean... but yes, I envy that lol.
    Haha, yeah I just tell people not to get too close lol.

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    Plenty of rust free examples here in Texas, my boss just bought a mint 02 P5 completely rust free with 104k for $2500
    Mod List. "Jinba Ittai"

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    Congratulations on the purchase! I just picked mine up last night I've always liked them since I was in middle/high school and finally had the chance to buy one. I haven't driven it since I parked it but I am already obsessed. Haha!

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    Welcome and congrats! That sounds a great find.

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