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Thread: The College-Budget P5

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcb View Post
    A bit of grease might help with the chirping.
    that's a temporary fix
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    Did some research on replacing the clutch master cylinder...looks like a PITA. One of those hand-contorting jobs, you know? Lol oh well.

    Gotta double-check Rockauto again, but replacing the clutch slave/master cylinders thankfully doesn't seem too expensive.

    Once that's done, I gotta wait for Mazda Motorsports to confirm my membership status for this year. That way I can buy that Chromoly flywheel, and let that sit here for a bit.
    Race day's coming up! I've a dying 3rd gear, questionable clutch cylinder health, crazy squeaks (ungreased bushings from rear swaybar), a new clunk in the front driver-side of the car, a possibly bad CV Axle...yeah, not going to risk racing this thing.

    However, it looks like I found someone willing to help me out. He may allow me to co-drive his Civic EK hatch come Sunday. Best part is, he was quite the P5 guy at one point! I took a look at his facebook pictures (lol snooping) and spied a P5 with KL V6 dropped right in. Looks like I finally found a fellow enthusiast! Hopefully, I can get to know him well enough, and form a beneficial friendship between the both of us.
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    It's been a while since I was on here but how was the install of the trailing arms and what did you notice when you first drove it?
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    Among the fair amount of maintenance work done.

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