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Thread: Anyone know if you can swap a bad SRS Airbag Module for a good one w/o reprogramming?

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    Anyone know if you can swap a bad SRS Airbag Module for a good one w/o reprogramming?

    Got into an accident with my 2010 Mazda 5. Airbags did not deploy but since the collision the airbag light is flashing code 12. Hooked it up to FORScan and am reading codes B1318 (low voltage) and B1342 (ECU defective). From what I have read B1318/code 12 indicates the ECU has bad capacitors and failed. I don't know how true that is but it seems strange that it would fail after a collision. The only thing I can think is that the airbags were supposed to deploy and didn't!

    I picked up a supposedly good airbag module for cheap. Can I just plug this in and go or do I have to have it reprogrammed? If so looks like I will have to bring it to the dealership and they will probably charge a fortune.

    The only thing I can think of is that the VINs won't match and maybe it will throw up an airbag code. However will it still work? If it has to be reprogrammed, what will happen when I plug it in? Will it still deploy airbags in a collision if the VINs don't match?

    Body shop said they will fix the problem but it will cost me more $$$ and they said they will have to bring it to mazda anyway. They already fixed the car and left the computer in it's current state. Can't get any more from insurance since I have hit the 80% so anything additional is out of pocket. Looking to fix this myself if possible.

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    well, dealer should only charge an hour or two at most for this, so not gonna go broke programing it even at their high rates.
    I've never replaced one from another car.
    Perhaps in a collision one of the wires got cut?
    Plugging a new module should not set any airbags off, just unplug the battery for 20 minutes before doing it if you want to try.
    The only time I had to replace airbag computer was into the same car after having it reset.

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