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Thread: Programmable Liftgate?

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    Programmable Liftgate?

    Hi All,

    I read that the power liftgate (2018 cx 9 touring) is programmable. Any idea how to program the height? Mine doesnt open all the way and being as tall as I am I have to push it up an extra couple inches every time I open it.

    Thanks for the help!

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    on MY2017: once it's open to desired height, push and hold the liftgate close button (on bottom of liftgate) for about 3 seconds until it beeps. This sets the opening height. Not sure if it's like this on all years but it may help.

    NB: on my car even after programming the height to max setting (pushing up on liftgate and setting the height) it still does not open to the actual max height. It seems there's a maximum open height which is about an inch or two lower than the maximum height that you can manually open it to.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    What greggmischenko noted is correct, it's the same for the 2018. It is detailed on page 3-28 in the 2018 manual:

    Changing the power liftgate fully open position
    The power liftgate fully-open position can be changed according to the height of a garage.

    When changing the position
    1. Stop the liftgate at the desired position.
    2. Press the power liftgate close switch for about three seconds.
      A beep sound is activated two times to indicate that the position change has been completed.

    Set the desired fully-open position of the liftgate at the position where it is open more than halfway. The position where it is less than halfway open cannot be set.

    To reset
    1. Open the liftgate.
    2. Press the power liftgate close switch
      for about seven seconds.
      A beep sound is activated three times to indicated that the reset has been completed.

    After about 3 seconds have elapsed since the switch was pressed, a beep sound is activated 2 times to indicate that the liftgate fully-open position has changed. Continuously press the switch for about 7 seconds to complete the reset.

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