Hi all. I am new to the forum. I searched for smart key problems but couldn't find a thread that specifically addressed this problem. I have a 2010 Mazda 6s Grand Touring. The smart key (push button start, not switch blade fob) does not lock/unlock doors or open trunk. When I press the button on the outside door handle I get about 10 rapid beeps from the car. The car also consistently beeps whenever the driver's door is open. I also cannot lock the doors with the button inside on driver or passenger door when the car is off, it locks then immediately unlocks all doors in the car. The only way to lock all the doors is to slide the key out and insert in door handle and manually lock once outside of the car. The push start works fine though, I don't have to insert the key into the ignition to push the button. The small red light on the key does light up whenever I press a button. I switched out the battery but no luck. Does anyone know what this problem is? I don't mind going to the dealership to get it repaired but I want to know what I'm walking into so they don't try to get over on me. Any help is appreciated!