Hi All, first post:

Question: Has anyone removed the Clutch Delay Valve on a current model Mazda 3? Or have ideas how it can be done? I'm VERY keen to give it a try. Thanks for any help in advance!

Background: I have issues with my manual 2014 SP25GT. Since I drove it off the lot, it's had this horrible 'gap' in when the clutch reacts to being let out. More often than not, this results in jerky/rough changes no matter how carefully I drive, because the clutch catch point seems to keep moving, or change in feel. It's worse in the lower gear changes, and from stationary. It enrages me on a daily basis as I normally LOVE driving, but this is an absolute nightmare. I've taken it to Mazda more than 20 times over the years and they eventually replaced the entire clutch assembly (including flywheel), but it made no difference and they insist it's behaving normally. I've driven others of the same car and they felt WAY better. Long story short, I've given up on Mazda helping and the car's now out of warranty anyway.

A very knowledgeable friend who works at a Euro performance shop drove it and within seconds of driving the car said he thinks the problem is the Clutch Delay Valve (CDV). He said it's meant to prolong the life of the clutch and smooth out gear changes for people who can't drive manual well, but for some cars it makes it feel worse. He said it's a common mod in Volkswagen cars for the valve to be disabled by simply unscrewing it and repressurising/draining the clutch cylinders again. I've seen guides for doing it to other cars (BMW) but none for Mazdas.

Any ideas?