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Thread: No control when there is a few inches of snow

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    I've had this happen once. It occurred in very shallow snow, on the pavement. IT was a result of snowfall, melting on the road, then as the temps plummeted, it formed ice, and then snow fell and stuck on top of it. I had to proceed very carefully about my day. Nothing short of chains, or an all-out snow tire is going to 100% mitigate this.

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    NY here,,,, snow ice yesterday... no problemo.

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    I had my 2017 CX-5 out in some serious snowfall Saturday night, and I live in an area with lots of twisty roads and I was surprised at how well the AWD system worked!

    I had a 2011 Rav4 before and that had a great AWD system, but this CX-5 felt a lot more sure-footed in the snow!

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