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Thread: Tires

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    i have a 2003 MP5 and I was wondering if 17 wheels would fit or if i would have to do any special modifications or i can just put any on

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    17's at around a +40 offset will fit pretty good, with a 205/45 or 215/45 tire. A 7" wide wheel is a good fit.

    +35 will rub sometimes with a 215 in the back at stock height, but not with a 205.
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    According to TireRack, you can fit up to 18" wheel on our P5s, although I wouldn't put 18s on mine.

    As for offsets, this will depend on the wheel width. It looks like if you are in the 40s for offsets, you should be fine for 7" to 8" wheels, but again, this depends on the tires.

    Use Tire Racks wheel and tire shopping tool, they are guaranteed to fit. The downside is that they are very conservative when it comes to fitments, so there are more combos that might fit without modification, but Tire Rack won't list it if it is too close.

    You can call them with custom set ups, but they won't guarantee the fit of course.

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    17" x 7.5 wide fits perfectly and looks great. It'll need a +45 to +48 offset not to rub with 215 wide tires. The Mazdaspeed Protege came from the factory with 17x7s and a +55 offset.

    Here's my P5 on 18 x 7.5 +48 with a 215/40 tire.
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