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Thread: MSP ecu on P5 issues

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    MSP ecu on P5 issues

    Currently going through the transition of converting my P5 to an MSP (Well engine at least)

    So my car has had some idling issues and after finding no vacuum leaks and replacing tons of parts I came to the conclusion that my P5 ECU was dead. So I said F it and figured in the next 5 days I was going to slap on the turbo anyways. So I took the stock P5 ECU out and put in the MSP ECU and all my idle issues stopped! However, now I am running into the issue now where after I go past 15% throttle the car feels like it is misfiring and sputtering away.

    So my question is, is my car doing this simply because the fuel maps are way different and the car isn't actually making boost? Or is it possible that this ECU is messed up as well...

    Basically i'm just looking for someones help who knows more than me! Thank you! Below is a list of parts I have recently bought and replaced!

    • MAF
    • Spark plugs
    • Spark Plug wires
    • Coil packs
    • EGR valve
    • ETC

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    you are running a computer with a boost tune and no boost it will not run right. Plus what I have found out after you install a new ecu the car needs to go through the re learn process which takes around 100 miles of driving. If you need another P5 five speed ECU I have one and I am in VA too.

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    If you haven't replaced the MAF yet, I would suggest it being next on the list. Once you get into the throttle, the MAF will provide feedback control for engine operation. Don't bother cleaning it, either. Just get a new one.
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