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Thread: Engine / Transaxle Swap into Protege5

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    Cool Engine / Transaxle Swap into Protege5

    I post a topic at the Protege5 forum about this, but since it involves swapping from a sedan it might be best to ask for advice at both places:

    tl;dr: transaxle from protege lx into a protege5, yah or nay?

    Any help/advice from members who have any knowledge of engine/trans installs or swaps would be much appreciated.

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    I just installed a transaxle from a protege5 into a sedan Protege.The transmission range selector is different.The sedan has a T handle and the 5 has a speed shift that the trans is set up for.And needs to be changed also.I am trying to locate a range selector out of a 5.The donor car was crushed.Not sure but the tcm and shift cable may be different also?Im going to if I can find the range selector out of a 5 just change that and see what happens.I tried to adjust the linkage with no luck but I can get it into drive but its sits 1/2 way between neutral and drive with the T handle if I go to drive I get second.If I adjust the cable so drive is drive I lose park and the safety switch prevents the car from starting I would have to customize the selector to get by.Hope this helps

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