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Thread: Adaptive Headlights on Touring with Premium!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronkayes View Post
    The side and back pieces are snap on and need holes on the bumpers and panels. I installed the roof rails. I got the front pieces but haven't had a chance to put them on due to the friggin cold weather here in Northern VA. I'm waiting for the back piece which looks like a snap on but there no holes on the bumper so once I get the trim piece, I will have to drill some holes in the bumper or do something to that effect. Side chrome trim pieces are too damn pricey I will be looking for them at junk yards and will probably end up drilling holes in the plastic side panels.
    I'm assuming you installed the sides and back pieces yourself. When you say the "side and back pieces are snap on and need holes on the bumpers and panels"...did you have to drill those holes or how'd you go about doing it? I'm guessing the chrome pieces have little tabs or something on the back of them which is what requires the holes? Seems like you and I are on the same path of upgrading things.

    Not sure if I feel safe drilling holes into a brand new car myself but may have to have a friends shop take care of the install. No instructions come with the pieces?

    Any/all help is much appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronkayes View Post
    Thanks for all the info!

    Kind regards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronkayes View Post
    I overlooked some differences between the Touring and GT before I pulled the gun. I regret not the getting GT :-(
    Anyways whats done is done!

    I can easily change the front, side and back chrome trim and get the roof rack to make it look almost like the GT except for the front lights. I just like the DRLs on the adaptive headlights more than any other functionality. So I was wondering if anyone replaced the non adaptive headlights with adaptive headlights. Some junkyards are selling OEM adaptive head lights at a good price so it is very tempting. I can replace them myself but I'm not sure about what else I might run into - like do they even fit without some major mods and do I have reprogram the light control module etc etc. Any insight is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!
    I know exactly how you feel, I got the Pearl White Touring 2018 and I saw a Pear White GT the other day during day time and the DRL looks awesome , close to a BMW feel.

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