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Thread: Backup lights too dim

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    Backup lights too dim

    I have a CX-5 sport without a backup cam. The backup lights aren't bright enough to see anything behind me and I really don't trust backing up at night. Any recommends on either new backup lights (led, xenon...), or should I just bite the bullet and get a backup cam with some led lights in it? I was looking at these:
    or these - I prefer a name brand...

    They definitely appear whiter, but in some of the pics, they aren't any brighter.
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    Hi cbsic,
    I read that Diode Dynamics, has very good LED bulbs for backing up and also for license plate and they are not expensive. They also have a interior kit replacement for maps and ceiling lights.

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    I have those Phillips bulbs installed in ours and I've been happy. It's definitely a whiter light that it gives off, but I'm not so sure that it's all that much brighter. They are a bit brighter, but likely not enough to make a drastic difference.

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    Arrow Backup lights too dim

    If you’re really concerned on night vision during the back-up, you should go for a good quality after-market back-up camera. The back-up camera will save your expenses even just avoided one incident. I wouldn’t want a vehicle without it nowadays.

    Since there’s no true built-in reflector so the function of the back-up lights are limited to see the road, but rather just let other drivers to see you backing up. As mentioned above, those LEDs for back-up lights won’t help you too much to see the raid backing up in the dark.

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