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Thread: AP healthy DataLog

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    AP healthy DataLog

    Hi guys, I've been doing some searching but haven't been able to find any posts about a healthy datalog.

    Is anyone able to post one up for me or if you all would be so kind as to review mine?
    --Sorry does not look like i can upload the csv, so grabbed some screenshots

    At WOT my fuel pressure seems okay but there is a slight drop to about 1300psi, in between shifts.
    AFR sits at about 13 and based reading seems okay.

    This was a 3rd gear pull into 4th.

    Running Stage1+SF 91 v234 Map
    TIP - 3in
    MAF adapter with cone filter
    Test Pipe
    CBE 2.5 inch
    Step colder plugs
    DogBone RMM

    TIA for any help.
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