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Thread: Bluetooth issues

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    Bluetooth issues

    My Bluetooth has been working fine since I bought my Mazda6 about 10 months ago. Today, my iPhone 6 is not connecting after multiple attempts. Called Mazda support. They said there was an issue with my Sprint service and recent version 11.1.2 and the Mazda compatibility. Anybody hear about this? Any more information regarding this would be appreciated. Thanks, Daniel

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    Bluetooth issues

    My Nexus 5 was just having some issues last week. removed it from the unit, re-synced it and its been solid ever since.

    You dont, by chance, have a headset jack in the headset port, do you? I had a samsung that did that with the in-car bluetooth if I were using the auxilliary port. For whatever reason, the aux in takes precedence over the bt.

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