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Thread: Madza3 2008 can't remove headlight wiring harness

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    Madza3 2008 can't remove headlight wiring harness

    Hi, I have a 2008 Madza3 and I'm trying to replace a low-beam bulb (passenger side). However, I can't get the wiring clip off of the bulb prongs. I've tried pulling hard and wiggling it all directions for 10+ minutes and it won't come off.

    Is there some kind of lubricant I can use to get this plastic harness off?
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    I know this a very old thread but if i help a random thread browsing folk im happy

    Make sure car is off

    Grab some wd40 and spray some between female and male opening of connector. Wait for lubricant to penetrate and just wiggle back and forth they will come apart like buter

    I used this on all tractor trailer rigs electrical 120 pin connectors and DEF harness.

    Picture for fun

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    Madza3 2008 cant remove headlight wiring harness

    Just got my T-Rudders today. I followed the directions in the video on the VKB site on how to disassemble the pedals to remove the cam assembly. Im sure I removed all the necessary bolts. The assembly feels loose and can be jiggled around, but I cant actually seem to remove it. I tried to apply some pressure to the cam posts but it wont budge. It appears to be stuck at the bearing. Any ideas on how to proceed? I dont want to break anything.


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