Had the guys at Tire Depot on Doncaster in TO offer up an 18" steel wheel for installation of my 1 yr old Toyo GSi-5 winter tires 215/50R18.

Had problems from the get go with high speed vibration in steering wheel and seat. Starts at about 70km/hr and all the way up to well past 130km/hr.
Bring it back to them and they tell me that all of a sudden one of the tires is out of round. They try to balance again and put that tire in the back drivers side. Same issue again.

So I decided to take it back to Toronto Mazda down the street, same guy's who threw in the 1 year old tires when I bought my car this summer. Asked them why they would give me tires that are out of round etc. And that i was not happy. Their tire expert had a look at the steel wheels and said that these low profile tires would never balance properly on 18" steel wheels and that the tires are fine. He said the only real solve was to install them on alloy wheels because the stew wheels are too large with such a low profile tire and should only ever be used with a larger tire side wall.

So now Mazda says I should buy 18" aftermarket wheels and that should solve the problem.

Anyone have a similar experience or have any insight on this 18" steel wheels and low profile rubber being an issue.

I've already spent $550 for steels and installs and now I'm looking at another $600 for alloys - FML.