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Thread: Which manual transmission oil for 2013 6MT?

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    Which manual transmission oil for 2013 6MT?

    Hi group,

    I have a 2013 5 GT, with the 6 speed manual. I've had it about 4 months and it's got about 64k km on it. I'm sometimes getting a little crunching shifting from first to second gear, moreso when it's cold in the morning, which it has been lately. Other times it drops into gear really slickly. Most of the time the other gears are pretty smooth as well.

    I did some reading in different forums and read a lot of good things about the Redline MT90, but then started seeing reports of Ford's oil working even better. I picked up three quarts of the Ford oil, but haven't put it in yet -- and I saw a few threads yesterday where owners of newer MZ3's found no improvement with the Ford oil, and some found it to work less well than the stock oil. From what I can tell the 2012-2013 MZ5 transmission is not the same as was used in the same era 3 though, so that may not be the case for us 5 owners.

    Has anyone used either of these, or some other oil and had good results? I'd can return the Ford stuff for another week, so I'd rather do that first and try something else than blow about $80 on it for nothing and end up wanting to put something else in there.

    Also, what does Mazda call for as a transmission oil in this transmission? The manual doesn't mention replacing it at all, and I haven't had any luck finding out online.

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    I used Mobil1 in the stock weights, had no issues- but had no crunching before either- and I'm in Texas vs your QC. I saw your post in the other fluid thread. Redline is good stuff. Give it a try.

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    I have no experience with the 6sp but note that all user feedback is anecdotal but the Ford Motorcraft fluid is some fantastic stuff in the 5sp

    You have to make a judgement call if any random internet experience is worth noting. Really, either fluid should serve you well. That said, check BITOG for your ultimate answer (diving into chemical properties).

    Another random pointer, skip the siphon pump. Take out the battery air intake and just run a hose (foot and a half-ish) w/ funnel straight down to the fill hole. Super easy, super fast.
    Stuff for sale:
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