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Thread: 2014 Mazda 2 engine air filter: which way is "front"?

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    2014 Mazda 2 engine air filter: which way is "front"?

    Decided to replace engine air filter on 2014 Mazda 2 sport. I bought car new, so I'm quite sure the air filter has never been replaced before.

    When I pulled out the old one, I noticed that the edge labeled "Front" with an arrow was in fact pointed at the rear of the vehicle.

    Hmm, I thought. This is weird. That it would come from the factory that way.

    So I tried to put new filter (original Mazda, the part #s did match and filters look identical) in with the "front" arrow pointing toward front of vehicle.

    It didn't fit. One corner of air filter (which has slightly different shape) was sticking out, and I couldn't fasten the clips.

    So turned it around (the way the one I took out was), and everything fit perfectly, and clips fastened no problem.

    So I'm pretty sure it's in right.

    Still, this was weird. Any idea what's up?

    Is "front" of the engine defined in some other way than "front" of the vehicle? (I'm not really a car guy.)

    Thanks for any guidance/explanation.

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    It should read "FRONT/UP" with front bring toward the headlights. I have a WIX filter in now so going by memory.
    One corner is shaped differently and is not symmetrical. Check the filter box for its shape, good luck

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