Hello everyone, posted the exact thread before, but I'm still having issues!!!
I've been away for sometime, mostly because my 2008 Mazda 6 v6 with 134k kilometers or 82k miles (hey,I'm from Canada) has been running great, until now.
I have an electrical problem (the worst type). My turn signals go crazy (if they work at all) when I turn on the head lights. I will now give you some added back ground info.
It all started 2 months ago when I tried to lock all the doors with the key fob and the alarm went off 5x in a row..HMMM. I locked all the doors from the inside manually..closed the doors and nothing.
What I noticed was the lights were not flashing for confirmation, so I went to this site and many people were saying that the turn signal socket(extension) had faulty tabs, therefore not making good contact in order to flash...electrical confirmation the all doors were shut..hood,truck etc.
I will have to say that I do have a remote start for winter (hey I live in Canada..Montreal), but that still works fine. Crazy thing is that I slammed the hood after checking the oil and all was great for 2 weeks when I did the same thing to check the oil.Wonkey!! I digress...
As soon as I turn on the lights, even the parking lights, the 4 ways come on on the dash and flash faintly at every corner outside.
And damnit, my fog lights are not working( but they did after the first slamming of the hood) I bought 3 extra head lamp switches..no change..I even bought 2 OEM Mazda turn signal sockets at the cost of 95$..no change 4 way flashers works fine regardlless...Funny, the small bulb (194) above the daytime running light (hey I'm from Canada) flashes with the flasher and or the turn signal and the same rate...I need help!!!! Any body!!! I have heard that the head lamps may be the issue as there is metal contacts in the turn signal light bulb socket area not making contact.

Let's review: Lights off..turns signals work as they should, but can't lock doors with key in door or fob locking feature,can lock manually inside of car
Lights on...4 way flasher arrows on dash both flash at same rate as 4 way flashers would, which work fine either way as they must be on another circuit..direct to battery like head lights
Slamming hood... every once in a while I'll hit a good bump or close the hood all will be good..and then I'll check the oil again..bad. My turn signal bulbs will flash when park lights are off, but are they suppose to flash when lights are on (dual element bulb)??????????????????????????????????????