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Thread: Exhaust tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by SK77X View Post
    Hey Dan, I too was bummed out to see they were no longer in stock on Amazon, and the only one available on eBay was over $200 (for one tip). But this week I was refreshing the Amazon listing and this morning one exhaust tip came back in stock for $50, so I snapped it up. On eBay, this morning one came on sale for $70, so I got that too.

    My point is, keep checking back on Amazon and eBay. After I had purchased the one tip off Amazon, I emailed the seller asking if more would be available soon. I'll let you know if/what their response is.
    Have you tried Jeeps forums? Those Vulcan tips are originally made for Wranglers.

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    hey @ereeku36 I messaged you privately. But in any case, if I buy them on Amazon, will you help install these for me? I also live in Queens, NY.

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