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Thread: Apple CarPlay Anybody?

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    One reason we may never get ACP or AA is that they are designed for the touchscreen, and Mazda disables the touchscreen when the car is moving. They'd have to make them work with the controller.

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    Google disables much of the touchscreen when driving. Google doesn't want you talking away at the screen either.
    And AA works fine in many cars without touch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfDoggie View Post
    I was told the same thing by my 20 some year old sales person. After about a minute he said are you ok your face is really red. I said I was holding my breath.

    Been hearing about AA since 2013 and I have entirely given up on the notion of it being integrated withing the next 10 years. 2033 maybe?

    At this point in my auto purchase cycle seems I will not be purchasing another Mazda. AA or no AA

    I currently have a 2017 CX-5 GT that I absolutely love!!!!

    I highly doubt in the future I will be going to any 4 cylinder car that uses cylinder deactivation. Alot more to break down for 1 extra MPG? Im out unless they start making CX-5 in 6 cylinder.

    Maybe I am being short sighted but there is no way I would have cylinder deactivation on anything less than 6 cylinder.
    my 20 year old sales person told me their regional sales director confirmed its coming for 2017,, but nothing in writing.

    my dealer texted me for post-sales satisfaction, I said in case AA/Carplay comes, I don't want to pay for HW upgrade, the dealer said it would be free of charge. At least i have this part in writing , fingers crossed !

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurfDoggie View Post

    Maybe I am being short sighted but there is no way I would have cylinder deactivation on anything less than 6 cylinder.

    What's sad about it is no one asked for cylinder deactivation, but plenty of people have been asking for CarPlay/AA. Seems like Mazda does as they please, and ignore what their customers want.

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    Thread locked. Also the same 4 people repeating the same things over and over again is old lol. Refer to the stickied AA/ACP thread here!)

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