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Thread: Maintenance warning on startup

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    Maintenance warning on startup

    The dealer put the new software (version 502) on my CX-9 and now i get a maintenance warning every time I start the car. The warning doesn't even coincide with any scheduled maintenance. I had the oil and tires done at the same time and reset the schedule for those. I've even turned off the maintenance warnings yet it still appears when I start the car and it's apparently counting down to something. It does go away after a little while. Any ideas?

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    I had the same issue with mine. There is scheduled maintenance reminder and then there is the oil life indicator. One comes from the ECU and the other from the infotainment system and they do not compare notes, lol.
    I read through the manual on how to reset the warning but had no luck but a stop in at my dealer had someone from service correcting it in seconds.
    It was about 8 months ago so I'm sorry but I cannot remember the procedure.

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    I think if you set your oil change for a fixed or flexible, setting you simply cannot reset it. I forget what the service guy did, but changing it to one of the other 3 options, cleared the message for good.

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    I have experienced the same issue. Here is what I have done.
    In Owner's Manual 6-20(Pg.432 on PDF Version),

    In OFF Setting(bcz I was set to OFF on maintenance function)
    "Press and hold the dashboard illumination knob with the ignition switched OFF, then switch it ON. keep pressing the dashboard illumination knob for more than 7 seconds."

    There are also instructions for flexible setting. In fixed setting, it is basically same with OFF setting.
    Hope it helps.

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