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Thread: 2.2 diesel head gasket ?

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    Got my Mazda back yesterday and now it's all okay with the car. It was broken headgasket on syl nr 2. They have changed new sylinder head with all the parts in it and head gasket. Got it on warranty so all the thumbs up for Mazda!

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    Head gasket is proving to be a common issue on the 2.2 diesel in Thailand. Mazda has extended the engine warranty to 6yr or 180000km as a result. The supply chain is not very good for the replacement parts. I personally know 2 people who have had to wait 1-2months for their engines to be repaired or replaced.


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    Thought I would check back in and see if there was anymore comments . When I saw the video from December , thats a blown head to me . Its not just the bubbles its the white stain on the engine cover that is not a good sign . Interesting to hear of more also being fixed under warranty . I definitely got a complete new long block when they fixed mine . I was without the car for a month , 3 weeks of that was waiting for an engine .

    Still its been ok since , bar the exhaust pressure sensor failing and the a local dealer stuffing me around on the repair . To be honest the dealer network where I am is what lets the car down the most from teh dealings I have had with them so far .

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