I have 2002 P5 it goes into reverse just fine but when I shift to park it just acts like it is in neutral. I will move the shifter to 1st then drive back and forth and then it will finally catch And go into gear. Once it starts driving it shifts just fine no slipping or hard shifts. Once I have driven it for awhile and if I park and turn it off then start it up again it goes into drive just fine. The other day though the O/D light started blinking and it went into limp mode and I couldn't get it out.

I drained the transmission fluid out and tested all the shift solenoids and they tested fine. I replaced the speed sensor and that still didn't work. My check engine light is on but the only code it is going me is 7033 problem with 3rd gear. It doesn't make sense because I don't have a problem with third gear I am just having a problem getting into drive from the start. Any help would be great.