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Thread: Front wheel bearings

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    Front wheel bearings

    I have a '08 3 and I have to change a front wheel bearing. I replaced them about 12,000 miles ago and pressed in the bearing and hub separately. Can I press in the bearing with the hub already pressed in? They offer them that way for the 3 but if I remember right, there is a lock ring that goes on after you press the bearing in therefore you couldn't put it on after pressing in the bearing with the hub attached. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I just did this. I did it with the steering knuckle still on the car but you MUST remove the hub. The wheel bearing goes inside the steering knuckle, then the hub goes inside the bearing. The bearing is held into the knuckle with a snap ring. I used a slide hammer to pull the hub and then a bearing press kid to press out the bearing and then later press the new bearing back in and then press the hub into the bearing. The method I used was similar to this guide:

    So are you saying you just changed the bearings 12,000 miles ago and now you need to do them again? If so, you're scaring me. I do not want to have to do this repair again anytime soon.

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