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Thread: Traded in my Protege 5 and was surprised to see how much the dealer listed it for..

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    Traded in my Protege 5 and was surprised to see how much the dealer listed it for..

    I traded in my 2003 protege5 yesterday. I was pumped that the dealer gave me $2000 for a 14 year old car with rusty body panels, stitches in the bumper and a funky front end. I was super shocked to see that they are trying to sell it now for $4400 It only had 113000 miles on it and had a leather interior that was in great shape, but still, $4400 seems pretty aggressive. I'm not upset, because I would have tried to sell privately for the $2000 with all the issues I mentioned. Would you pay $4400 for a 2003 that's lived in the rust belt? crazy.

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    Honestly pretty crazy to hear!! Can I get any more info on what kind of dealer you dealt with?

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    There is a super clean silver 03 P5 locally with a 5 speed in great condition, about 140k miles that has been for sale for at least 4 months for $4k. Hasn't sold yet. I doubt they will get anywhere near that for it, but you never know.
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    So awesome!

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    There's a silver P5 for sale in Victoria for about the same price except it's absolutely immaculate. The only real problem is that it's automatic.

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