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Thread: What happened to MFactory?

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    What happened to MFactory?

    everything relating to the Gearset bulk buy is gone and there is nobody I see talking about it? I still want my gears.
    1993 Probe KLDE, SBF rods, Vitara pistons, 7.8:1 c/r, 59mm, custom intake, 550cc, meth, ls1 coils, ms1, plated trans, escort FD, ACT 4puk, maxed at 25.5psi, shredding gears at 2300lbs.

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    Unfortunately they didn't renew their Authorized Vendor Status and Main Forum Plan. I had emailed them multiple times about it and I never received a response. Eventually I had to assume they were not going to renew and that meant I had no choice but to remove their Status, Posts and Forum. In the past, I never had communication issues with MFactory but this time they never responded.

    Regarding your gears, please contact them directly and I hope everything works out for you.

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