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Thread: Mazzda5 - cant wash front windscreen

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    Mazzda5 - cant wash front windscreen

    Hi Guys, can anyone assist. I have a problem with the front windscreen washer not working properly. I have owned this car for about 10 minutes, so havent learned a thing!
    The rear is perfect and I can hear a little whine when I try to wash the rear window, but the front, I dont think I can hear it at all.

    Is the front pump seperate from the rear? or are they the same unit?

    secondly, are they fused separately?



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    Separate pumps, not sure if they're fused separately. I think they are though. Open your fuse panel and take a look.

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    My 08 M5 just started having the same issue did you figure out what the problem was

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