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Thread: P5 AXR Clunk Fix Possible?

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    Smile P5 AXR Clunk Fix Possible?

    I have tried researching, but either found conflicting or partial info (or just didnít find the right thread) for my specific situation.
    Iím installing Tokico blues on my '03 P5, and was going to take the opportunity to install the racing beat swaybar and AXR clunk fix brackets I bought used a while back.
    Is this advisable/possible?
    A couple of threads mention that the brackets wonít fit the P5, but Iím not sure if that means with the OEM swaybar, and my rb swaybar would be fine.
    Also, the end links included in the clunk fix I bought are shorter than the endlinks I got off the MSP donor. Iím not sure if shorter is in order with the clunk, or if the msp endlinks are fine.
    All help greatly appreciated.

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    I had a set of those AXR brackets and regret selling it years ago.

    Yes they will work just fine. The only difference between the MSP and P5 subframes is where the sway bar bushings attach. The MSP has a reinforced tab to accommodate the larger 20mm RB sway bar. The P5 doesn't. This is the bracket those posts are about. Since your sway bar pick up points are now relocated, you need not worry about that anymore.
    As far as the end links, pretty sure you will use the shorter ones.

    If you ever change your mind and decide to sell those brackets, I got first dibs. Seriously.

    Good luck!

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    Awesome!! Thanks for that; exactly what I was looking for.
    I'll honor your dibs, if I do ever part with them.
    Appreciate it.

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