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Thread: Power mirrors wont adjust

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    Power mirrors wont adjust

    Neither power mirror will adjust electronically. Drivers side is a replacement, passenger side original.

    Power window controls work ok. Fuse OK.

    Any trick to fixing this or am I stuck buying a new "Master Power Window Switch"

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    Have you confirmed that the wiring going to the mirror switch is connected?

    If I recall, it is a separate connector from the power window switch... and can easily be forgotten when installing the door panel back on.
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    Do they completely fail or only work in one direction? I had a problem where I could only adjust them down. Which I believe I sorted with Cleaning all my ground points.

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    I had the entire door panel off and checked both connectors. mazdadude is right, one wiring harness clips to window controls, a second to the mirror controller. the mirror adjuster wiring is clipped in and wire harness appears to be in OK shape.

    mirrors are completely non-responsive. it's been this way for awhile but this is a brand new replacement mirror (the joys of street parking) so i'm able to start figuring out the culprit. i'll try cleaning the connectors but they appeared to be OK at first look.

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