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Thread: 2003 MAZDA 6i 2.3l intake vacuum routing?

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    2003 MAZDA 6i 2.3l DOHC 16-VALVE VVT

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    2003 MAZDA 6i 2.3l intake vacuum routing?

    I have a 2003 MAZDA 6i 2.3l DOHC 16-VALVE VVT with an automatic 4 speed trans. I bought it used a few months back and am chasing down a P0171 code.

    So far here's what I've done:
    1. Throttle body gasket
    2. Intake manifold gaskets
    3. PCV valve
    4. PCV valve hose and gromet
    5. Crankcase gasket
    6. Valve cover gasket
    7. Plugs and wires
    8. Ran seafoam through intake and a tank of gas.

    On the intake manifold I have 2 vacuum spots that dont have a hose attached and can't seem to find them in any diagrams or any pictures. I have a picture (not of my intake but its identical...didn't want to pull my intake off a 4th time just for a picture if i dont have to so grabbed this photo off of ebay, LOL)with arrows pointing to the vacuum spots without hoses attached.

    Currently I have just connected the 2 spots together with a hose but from my research I feel like that isn't right....none of the pictures with it pulled have vacuum lines attached to them which leads me to believe they connect somewhere else that isn't part of the intake manifold.

    If anyone could help with a diagram or pictures to show where those vacuum lines go it would be greatly appreciated because I am having no luck finding any information on it.
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