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Thread: XPEL Ultimate clear paint wrap?

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    I've just made an appointment to bring my 17 in to get done. Getting 3m pro series "ultimate kit" which includes the bumper, headlights, 18" of hood, mirrors, portion of the top of cab, fenders and A-pillars and bottoms of doors. Installed for 1500$CAN. Am I going overboard? Has anyone else got this package put on? I just realized that it may not cover the chrome on the front. Now I'm wondering if I should get that put on too.

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    Sounds like a very fair price.
    I didn't do the chrome on mine ... don't think that XPel (that I had installed on mine) even has a pattern for the chrome.
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    I have it on mine and I love the product. Make sure you get a bottle of their cleaner/conditioner, to keep it looking like new.

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    I have Lumar and itís been a headache. Itís just not sticking right. Iím thinking itís installer error, but he has been good about fixing any issues

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